Why we hate to exercise and love to MOVE!


Nia image

“Before Nia, I could never stick with any fitness class!”

What is the difference between conventional exercise and conscious movement?

The underlying premise of conventional exercise is that there is something “WRONG with us”, that we need to change our body shape or weight etc.

This means our focus is based on a negative perception of ourselves. It is based on LACK-consciousness.

In holistic movement (The Nia Technique) the premise is to move from JOY, to sense life-force energy in our whole being: mind, body, emotions and spirit. It is based on ABUNDANCE-consciousness.

The Nia Technique consciously uses ATTENTION (what we focus on) and INTENTION (our desired outcome).


“There are two qualities inherent in consciousness: Attention and Intention.

Attention ENERGIZES and Intention TRANSFORMS.

What we put our attention on will grow stronger in our life.

What we take attention away from will wither, disintegrate and disappear.

Intention triggers transformation of energy and information.

Intention organises its own fulfilment.”  Deepak Chopra

So how does Attention & Intention affect how we move and the results we get?


When we are subconsciously asking: “What is WRONG with my body?” we fuel a tendency towards seeking external approval. We might feel the need to perform during movement, causing insecurity, comparison, disappointment and pain.


When our main motivation is to change our appearance, force weight-loss and tone up, we might risk injuries and follow too linear, rigid, repetitive, mechanical and strenuous movement. This can lead to separation of mind and body and a feeling of being disconnected.

 meditation photo (1)

Holistic Movement Focus: AWARENESS

When we are consciously asking “What is RIGHT for me and my body?”, we are becoming aware of sensations, and will follow “OUR body’s way” with growing Ease and JOY.

Holistic Movement Intention: WELLBEING

When Wellbeing is our desired outcome, we are consciously connecting with vital energy and supporting self-empowerment, personal growth & holistic fitness. We are choosing meaningful, pleasurable, whole-body movement, connecting body, mind, emotions and spirit and strengthening our whole being.

“Dance is intrinsic to Women as a form of expression. It touches all levels of our existence, physical, mental, emotional, energetic and spiritual. What makes Dance SACRED is the INTENTION behind it. Through our intention we can invoke different energies. We can dance for healing, celebration, even purification. The clearer the intention the higher we vibrate.”  “The Alchemy of Dance”, Leslie Zehr



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