“Forest Bathing” (Shinrin Yoku) means spending time under the canopy of trees, mindfully engaging our senses, and benefiting from the natural chemistry of the forest air.

Susanne trained and works with the FOREST BATHING INSTITUTE as a Forest Bathing Guide across the UK.

She is passionate about helping individuals and groups connect with nature for highest physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Tailored Forest Bathing Events for Groups:

Susanne will guide you and your group through ancient woodland which has been carefully selected for highest therapeutic benefits.

You are invited to experience nature in a new way, calm your mind and enjoy renewed energy and wellbeing.

For enquiries email:

“A wonderful opportunity to re-energise!”Amanda

“So inspiring and just what I needed to refocus.” Nikki

“I thank the day I found your sessions” Julie

“Susanne you created magnificence and took my body on a journey long forgotten. The sense of softness on the grass and the vision of nature surrounding me was the closest I could come to heaven. I enjoyed the closeness of all present and the harmony you created. I know everyone felt it. You created such wonder for us. A thousand thanks yous and love.” Helena

“I felt peace and joy and a feeling of being a part of something special.” Jules

“I had a lovely relaxing and uplifting day and enjoyed making new friends.” Joo


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