Two sailors are out at sea in their boats and encounter the same storm.

One fears for his life and struggles to get back to shore.

The other welcomes the challenge and sees it as a great adventure.

Neither is wrong.

They merely have different perspectives.

Perspective is a particular attitude towards or a way of regarding something.

Wayne Dyer famously said:

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

Tremendous power lies in realising and reminding ourselves:


For many years I was afraid of making mistakes and looking stupid.

Later I learnt about the habits of successful people.

I had a big aha:

“Successful people have a different “perspective” on failure to “non-successful” people.


Successful people look at failure, mistakes and even hardship as a “welcome opportunity” to learn and improve.

They appreciate it and are even grateful for it.

They expect and welcome when things “go wrong or are difficult”.

That was a massive change in perspective for me.

I wanted to be the sailor who enjoys life as an adventure.


But what if we are stuck in a perspective?

Is there a simple way of helping to change our perspective?


Synonyms of perspective include: point of view, position, angle, approach, vantage point etc.

These are clues that “our location” affects “our perspective”.

We all know this instinctively  and our language reflects this truth.

When we are stuck mentally or emotionally we might say:

“I need a new angle, take a step back, get away from it all etc.”


To get a new perspective one of the simplest, most overlooked and fastest ways is to simply change our physical location.

Here are some of my personal favourites to remind myself playfully of the “Power of Perspective” and my CHOICE: 


– Looking at the sky and getting outside of the house into open spaces and nature

– Moving to a “higher point” (climbing a hill or tree, in London: visiting the Skygardens, Tower Bridge glass-bottom walkway etc.)

– Looking at myself through the eyes of a “loving Saint”

– “google-earthing” my house or a holiday destination

– Changing positions and locations in my house/workspace

– Zooming-in-and-out with my eyes (focusing in on small details and then out to the big picture) when waiting at stations, post-office etc.

There are endless fun ways to explore perspective.

What are yours?

Healing in your backyard


Lying On The Grass, Girls, Nature

Earthing – Our skin touching the skin of the earth

Earthing”- being in touch with the electromagnetic field of the earth directly– decreases cellular inflammation. And just feels GREAT. Like being at the beach. Throughout time, we humans have strolled, sat, stood, DANCED, and slept on the ground—the skin of our bodies touching the skin of the Earth—oblivious to the fact that such physical contact transfers natural electrical energy to the body.

Modern lifestyle has disconnected us from the Earth’s energy, making us more vulnerable to stress and illness.Earthing is the landmark discovery that this energy upholds the electrical stability of our bodies and serves as a foundation for vitality and health.In an age of rampant chronic disease, reconnecting with the Earth’s energy beneath our very feet provides a way back to better health.

Spending some time lying down on the grass in your garden or a park can be a wonderful preventive health measure. Walk and go barefoot more often. It is sensual, fun and makes you feel playful and alive.

We are bioelectrical beings living on an electrical planet. Let’s Reconnect to the Earth.

Why we need Variety


We have all heard the saying: “Variety is the Spice of Life!”

Variety is one of our human primary needs.

The first, and most basic need we all have – our survival mechanism – is “Certainty”. This is our need to avoid pain and ideally, have some comfort and safety in our life.

Our true passion and aliveness is however found in the realm of uncertainty, or variety.

Variety creates excitement for us. That’s what adventure is. It makes us feel alive. And we need surprises in our life, because that’s what helps us grow.

We all strive to meet our need for variety in ways that can be good, neutral or bad for us.

Some people find variety by doing drugs. Others will do it by over-eating. Some may try extreme sports. Others may get variety from a conversation, or by setting a new goal. And still others get variety by having a big problem.

One of my favorite, positive ways to meet my need for variety is through movement.

For example each Nia session consciously invites “Five Movement Sensations”.

The 5 Sensations are: flexibility, agility, mobility, strength and stability (FAMSS).

All of these movement qualities are benefiting us in movement and in life, and together they create a unique and fun experience of variety.

There are a million ways to get variety. The only question is, what is our way, and is it helping or hurting us?

Form or Freedom?

Form or Freedom?

Do you love Form or Freedom?

When I was younger I rebelled against most rules and longed for more freedom.

Freedom remains one of my highest values.

Over the past years I have been learning about the power of consciously creating structures in my life.

These conscious structures and routines (for example what time I wake up or sleep, what and when I eat etc.) help support my highest desired outcome. They ultimately create more freedom and benefits for me in the long run.

I no longer blindly go against existing or recommended structures, and instead ask myself whether any “guideline” or “rule” would serve my highest interest.

Let’s ask ourselves where we might benefit from creating “new structures” in our life, and which structures might no longer serve us.

I first was drawn to Nia and holistic movement because I felt I could move more freely.

Over time I realised that the choreography (the form/structure of Nia) is specifically designed to help us become more adaptable and resilient.

Nia movement deliberately takes us out of our “habitual movement patterns” and “gently nudges” us to move in “weird or unfamiliar ways” which stimulate “new ways of thinking and feeling”.

We don’t get that if we only dance freely or only to choreography we love!

Are You an excellent Receiver?



A mentor asked me “Are you an excellent receiver?”

This year I am practicing being an excellent receiver by giving everything I need to myself first. And by noticing and appreciating everything else that is given to me. Without any guilt.

It’s easy to over-give in our many roles which might lead to overwhelm and resentfulness towards ourselves and our dearest.

There is never a better time to give to ourselves and to receive from all the sources that wish to lovingly provide for us.

Music is one of these sources.

At home you may simply listen to a piece of music with the intention to openly receive its gifts:

You may choose to receive the rhythm, the melody, the lyrics, different instruments, the voice, the intention of the artist, the invitation to move….

So let’s enjoy receiving the countless uplifting gifts of music together at a Nia class near you!

Don’t save GROWTH for a rainy day!



“Feeling Blue?    Inspired?    Up & Down?”

One of our highest human needs is GROWTH.

This means to “learn & experience new things” in big or small ways.

We can consciously use this knowledge to “get out of a funk” and remind us of our true nature of “PURE POTENTIAL” at any time.

Many Personal Growth experts recommend daily reading, listening to or watching “educational material” in an area we LOVE.

Whether it is for 10 minutes or longer, we will feel a new sense of expansion and be uplifted. It takes us out of any “petty-problem-focus”, will energise and motivate us to grow more.

So let’s schedule some different “ME-Time” to grow more often and feel the difference.

That’s also one of the many reasons why I love Nia Holistic Movement. It is specifically designed to joyfully expand our mind, body and spirit in addition to countless other benefits.

To find your nearest Nia teacher go to:

Give me Strength!


“I want Holistic Strength – mental, emotional, physical and spiritual!”

It’s easy to be happy, healthy and calm when everything is great.

Our true strength shows when the pressure is on, things change or don’t go according to plan. ADAPTABILITY is the true quality for surviving and thriving in our world.

I used to be like “the princess and the pea”. Anything would throw me easily. Mentally, emotionally, physically.

For some years now, I have been practicing “Energy Hygiene”. I am consciously and continuously letting go of “all that weakens me” and am consciously and continuously focusing on “all that strengthens me”.

For example, I continue to let go of: “defensiveness, negative self-talk & lack-consciousness”, and am focusing on my highest energizing values of “self-growth and serving others”.

We can begin by asking ourselves in any moment of our day:

“Is this thought, feeling or action strengthening me?”

“How can I strengthen myself in this moment?”