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Orangelily is dedicated to sharing Nature Connection Practices and Holistic Movement to energise, empower and open the heart.

The Orangelily Story
In 2002 I was sitting in my first lecture on Flower Essences at Regents College when the teacher walked in with a big bunch of mixed flowers. We were instructed to pick the flower that “spoke to us”. I doubted any flower would speak to me. However, there was a single stem with orange lilies that caught my attention. My turn came and to my surprise everyone had picked a different flower. The lily was still available. We held our flower in our hand, looked at it and observed any thoughts or feelings that came up. I noticed that my stem had many flowers on it and one vibrant orange lily was in bloom. Most of the other buds had not yet opened. A wave of emotion surfaced together with the realisation that I was looking at my own potential to grow, blossom and share the beauty of life with others.  

Getting my Movement-Mojo back
As a child I loved moving freely in nature and remember feeling energised, joyful and connected when twirling barefoot outdoors. At secondary school I was introduced to ballroom lessons and felt alive and happy when on the dance floor. By the time I completed my A-levels I had grown critical of my body and did not consider a career in movement. Longing to be free, I studied foreign languages, left my native Germany to live in Paris and London, and worked in various linguistic roles.

For a decade I hardly moved and did not listen to my body. My divorce was the catalyst for a radical questioning of the status quo. I felt drawn to healing and transformation, trained in Homeopathy and travelled to the US, Canada, Australia and China for Personal Development. In 2004 I first experienced holistic movement with the Nia Technique and it resonated deeply. In 2009 I completed my training as a Nia teacher and have been teaching classes and facilitating holistic movement events since. Further movement exploration and education followed including: Dancing for Birth, Five Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Biodanza, Tamalpa Life-Art Process, Movement Medicine and Continuum Movement. In 2016 I completed the Nia Black Belt Training. In 2018 I attended trainings in “Nutritious Movement” (based on Katy Bowman’s groundbreaking work in the Biomechanics of Movement) and the “MovNat Technique” developed by Natural Movement pioneer Erwan Le Corre. I continue to learn and grow my awareness of intentional movement to express and expand joy, life-force and connection.

From dormant to rampant Biophilia 🙂  –  Rediscovering NATURE
My father is a Geography teacher, environmentalist and fishing expert. As children we hunted for fossils, went fishing and swam in local lakes. My mother, a Maths teacher, brought home injured wild animals and healed them with home-made tinctures from Arnica, Calendula and other herbs. Our house was surrounded by forest and we were allowed to roam freely. 

Working in Central London started the vicious circle of “commute-office-commute-tv” and I “forgot” how wonderful I had always felt in nature. Discovering holistic movement got me back on track. I transitioned from office roles to teaching indoor movement. When I included outdoor movement at events and retreats my love of nature was rekindled. I discovered the growing science of “Nature Therapy” proving the extraordinary and far-reaching wellbeing and healing effects of Nature on Humans, and have been studying various nature connection practices including Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing), Earthing, Wild Swimming and connecting with light, the elements, animals and plants. I have been leading group events in nature since 2012.

In 2018 I trained with the Forest Bathing Institute as a “Forest Bathing+” Guide and am currently completing my accreditation.

I am grateful to share the healing and restorative powers of nature with others.

Helping others experience extraordinary natural energy and joyful embodied wellbeing in harmony with nature is my heart’s calling. 

Orangelily supports nature charities including: and


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