I want a joyful and mindful way to move!


“More & more women choose to become freer, healthier & happier with holistic movement.”

Nia dancers

“I like to move more freely with Joy, Ease & Grace”
The joyful, energizing and free-flowing elements of Nia movement attract open-minded, positive people who value their own wellbeing. They are choosing a holistic fitness practice which engages our whole being and nurtures our mind, body and emotions.

“I want to relax, heal and connect with my Body”
The mindful, meditative and soothing elements of Nia movement are helping us to become more aware, befriend and trust our bodies. Holistic Movement invites us to practice self-acceptance, self-heal and sense joy in movement and in life.

“I love to move to music but feel a little uncoordinated!”
Nia helps us to effortlessly improve Balance & Coordination through its unique variety of holistic movement to beautiful music. It is a pleasure to witness our bodies grow more expressive and secure in movement and to sense increased Mobility, Flexibility, Strength and Stability.


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