Time to be a Woman


 Wild Woman Isadora Duncan Quote
As a Woman, Wife, Mother, Author and trained Therapist – despite my knowledge and positive thinking, there were times when I felt overwhelmed and low. I asked myself: “How can I feel more joy and Wellbeing as a Woman? 

The answer is so simple that it is often overlooked:
What re-energises us women most, is what us instinctively enjoy. This includes: Dancing more freely, singing without pressure to perform, listening to beautiful music, slowing down, relaxing, receiving, being in nature, laughing and opening our hearts. All of these are expressions of our Feminine Nature and gifts.
Sadly, we might often feel we don’t deserve to spend time on what we perceive as self-indulgent or idle activities, fearing to neglect our husband, partner, kids, career, cleaning schedule, to-do-list etc.

However, actively scheduling time to focus on our female Wellbeing is absolutely vital and more than deserved by any woman.

Each Nia holistic movement sessions offers us an opportunity to meet in a friendly, safe environment and experience Joy of Movement and nourish personal Wellbeing

So let’s make time for Being Ourselves, for Being a Woman! Everybody else around us will benefit too!


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