Is your exercise turning you into a man? – Why Pleasure is good for us Ladies :-)


Nia pleasure
If we exercise in a masculine way as women, we will not only end up looking harder, but also become more masculine in our energy. Some female celebrities have gone down this route already. Exercising in a masculine way can have negative effects on our wellbeing, and especially our intimate relationships where authentic polarity is vital.

Most of us make no distinction between male or female ways to exercise, but not all exercises are suitable for women in the long term.

Masculine exercises often have a competitive edge and produce the stress hormone adrenaline. During exercise men typically strive to improve endurance, speed, strength muscle tone etc. However, healthy feminine energy and radiance is closely linked to feeling physical pleasure and the joy of being in a female body whilst moving. The focus is not on improving our bodies but enjoying our bodies to the fullest. Rather than a powerful aggressive workout we want to be open and receptive to the inherent gifts and sensations of our bodies.

A typical aerobic dance class can be somewhat repetitive, rigid and fast, and a lot of women find it stressful to try and keep up feeling uncoordinated and uncomfortable. Healing exercises like Yoga, Tai-Chi, Chi Gung and Pilates are more balanced between masculine and feminine energy and good ways of keeping the body’s energy free flowing and increasing suppleness. However, a lot of women find they prefer dance-based or more playful exercises.

The simplest way to determine if an exercise is supporting our own unique expression of healthy feminine energy is to listen to our body and become aware of how much we are actually enjoying it. Ask yourself: How does this feel in my body? Am I happier and more energetic than before? Healthy exercises for women will encourage the flow of endorphines – our pleasure giving hormones- and promote a more sensual physical energy and feeling of wellbeing.

Nia classes are perfect for women (and men) as they balance masculine and feminine energy and allow fluidity and freedom of movement.

If there is no Nia class near you and nothing for you at the gym you can always be a little creative and move freely to your favorite tune at home, swim as if it was a dance or buy an inspiring healing dance DVD. Whatever you do “LOVE to MOVE!”


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