Do you constantly feel rushed? – Your Body has the Answer !


Nia dancers
Are we aware of our body’s natural speed at which it prefers to walk or move during activities? We are so used to overriding our body’s natural timing that most of us don’t even know how it feels to move according to our body’s “Natural Time”. No wonder we are often feeling rushed and exhausted.

In NIA Dance we are reminded of how to move our “BODY’S WAY”.  Movements are specifically created to flow naturally and joyfully in alignment with our unique Body’s anatomy and allowing various speeds of movement. Some dance exercise  classes can be too fast to allow and encourage true body awareness and natural timing during movement, disconnecting us from our body. Nia enables us to fully “embody” movement allowing growing awareness and self-discovery.

Experiment with different speeds during walking or activities and sense when your movements feel the most natural to your Body. We might feel we need to rush to make things happen – but see what really happens when you SLOW DOWN. Experience how much energy you are preserving. It’s exhausting to go at a speed that is not natural to our Body. Let’s put our Body in the driving seat and witness the positive effects it will have in all areas of our life.


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