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Orangelily is dedicated to teaching conscious women how to replenish and grow their physical, mental, emotional and spiritual energy.

Orangelily offers a range of Energy Mentoring & Holistic Movement services.

My personal & professional background
My journey to growing my personal energy and embodied joy of movement has taken me full circle. As a child I loved moving freely in nature and remember feeling energised, joyful and connected when twirling outdoors. At secondary school I was introduced to ballroom lessons and felt alive and happy when on the dance floor. By the time I completed my A-levels I had grown critical of my physique and did not consider a career in movement. Longing to be free, I studied foreign languages, left my native Germany to live in Paris and London, and worked in various linguistic roles.

For a decade I hardly moved and did not listen to my body. My divorce from my first husband was the catalyst for a spiritual awakening and radical questioning of the status quo. I felt drawn to healing and transformation and trained in a range of energy medicine and personal development modalities. Meeting my new husband marked the awakening of my true feminine self. I explored the phenomenon of twin-souls, feminine energy, polarity, sacred intimacy, began to take Bellydancing lessons and published a sensual novel.

In 2004 I first experienced joyful holistic movement with the Nia Technique and it resonated deeply. In 2009 I completed my training as a Nia teacher and have been teaching classes and facilitating holistic movement events since. Further movement education & experiences followed including: Dancing for Birth, Five Rhythms, Ecstatic Dance, Biodanza, Tamalpa Life-Art Process, Movement Medicine and Continuum Movement. The Nia Brown Belt training in 2014 inspired a renewed and ongoing enquiry into the most effective Personal Energy Management tools resulting in the creation of Orangelily Energy Mentoring. In 2016 I completed the Nia Black Belt Training.

I am committed to life-long personal growth and to helping conscious women experience extraordinary energy and joyful embodied wellbeing. 


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