Two sailors are out at sea in their boats and encounter the same storm.

One fears for his life and struggles to get back to shore.

The other welcomes the challenge and sees it as a great adventure.

Neither is wrong.

They merely have different perspectives.

Perspective is a particular attitude towards or a way of regarding something.

Wayne Dyer famously said:

“When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change.”

Tremendous power lies in realising and reminding ourselves:


For many years I was afraid of making mistakes and looking stupid.

Later I learnt about the habits of successful people.

I had a big aha:

“Successful people have a different “perspective” on failure to “non-successful” people.


Successful people look at failure, mistakes and even hardship as a “welcome opportunity” to learn and improve.

They appreciate it and are even grateful for it.

They expect and welcome when things “go wrong or are difficult”.

That was a massive change in perspective for me.

I wanted to be the sailor who enjoys life as an adventure.


But what if we are stuck in a perspective?

Is there a simple way of helping to change our perspective?


Synonyms of perspective include: point of view, position, angle, approach, vantage point etc.

These are clues that “our location” affects “our perspective”.

We all know this instinctively  and our language reflects this truth.

When we are stuck mentally or emotionally we might say:

“I need a new angle, take a step back, get away from it all etc.”


To get a new perspective one of the simplest, most overlooked and fastest ways is to simply change our physical location.

Here are some of my personal favourites to remind myself playfully of the “Power of Perspective” and my CHOICE: 


– Looking at the sky and getting outside of the house into open spaces and nature

– Moving to a “higher point” (climbing a hill or tree, in London: visiting the Skygardens, Tower Bridge glass-bottom walkway etc.)

– Looking at myself through the eyes of a “loving Saint”

– “google-earthing” my house or a holiday destination

– Changing positions and locations in my house/workspace

– Zooming-in-and-out with my eyes (focusing in on small details and then out to the big picture) when waiting at stations, post-office etc.

There are endless fun ways to explore perspective.

What are yours?


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