Why Therapists and people who care LOVE Nia!


Nia is a truly holistic way to enjoy and benefit from movement. It fully engages our whole being: mind, body and soul and offers a sparkling, pleasurable cocktail of movement drawn from different healing arts, dance arts and martial arts.

Like attracts Like:
It is often those who are sensitive, energy aware and body conscious who feel drawn to Nia’s joyful, healing movement which is kind to our bodies. Over the years of teaching Nia I have found that most people who regularly attend Nia sessions are therapists or those with an open-hearted, caring nature who like to serve others. A number of prominent Nia teachers come from a healing background. This includes one of the worlds leading Nia trainers Ann Christiansen, who, in addition to being a former Olympic athlete, trained in a number of healing modalities including Kinesiology and holistic Massage, before making Nia her life’s purpose and teaching people all over the world. In any given Nia session you might find a Reiki healer, reflexologist, Alexander Technique practitioner, colour therapist, meditation coache, counsellor, nurse, party planner, loving grandmother, and the odd brave and exhausted mother.

Maximising our time to look after our mind, body and spirit:
Whilst we might love the idea of attending several yoga, tai-chi and dance classes per week, we might struggle to make time whilst focussing on helping others. That’s why we appreciate a Nia session where we will benefit from a whole range of movement forms including Yoga, Feldenkrais, Alexander Technique, Tai Chi, Aikido, Tae Kwon Do, Duncan Dance, Modern Dance, Jazz Dance and expressive Fee-Dance all in just one hour. No other exercise or fitness class offers such an extensive and exhilarating movement experience in a single session.

Enjoying a sense of Community:
Sharing a sacred and open-hearted space with like-minded people is a liberating, reassuring and often therapeutic way to re-connect with our higher self. Enjoying a common awareness also means that there is a wonderful sense of community when participating in a Nia session without being touchy-feely. Looking after others professionally or at home, whilst juggling other challenges in life and business can be a challenge. If we are self-employed it might occasionally feel a little isolated and it is lovely to simply be with people in a similar place.

Helping yourself to help others!
If you are are a therapist, nurse, carer, grandmother, mother, or a kind, sensitive person who regularly puts others first, it is easy to get burned out. It is vital to re-charge our own batteries regularly, even more so, if we wish to continue to help others professionally or in our private life. However, unless we schedule time-out, we will not get around to it. So let’s take positive action right now.

To reward your positive action, I would like to invite you to a COMPLIMENTARY Nia session!

For further details on classes click here: http://orangelilydance.com/classes/

Join us to take good care of yourself! See Nia in Action in this video.


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