Expand your movement vocabulary! How it will positively impact your life!



We are creatures of habit. The way we walk, talk & think on a daily basis are predominantly based on habits we have established over time. This is regardless of whether they serve us or not.

The way we move not only deeply affects our physical wellbeing, it also affects our brain function and entire outlook on life.

Through NIA I have experienced moving in new ways I would have otherwise never moved before. I have expanded my movement vocabulary. This positively affects my daily life, how I climb up the stairs or walk to the shops and dance for pleasure. There are now more and more movement ingredients to choose from, and I can create a new, safer, more aware and joyous movement experience  in any given situation.

Whenever we learn something new, we create new neurological pathways in our brains. Studies show that  moving in non-repetitive ways, like in NIA, is highly beneficial for brain health.

So it’s great for the body, it’s great for the mind and the emotions.

But let’s get back to our “bad habits”. If I keep exploring new movement, I establish a new habit of  GROWING through movement. This can encourage me to change other habits which no longer serve me. If I can grow in one area, I can believe that I can grow in another area too. I AM BUILDING A GROWTH MUSCLE FOR LIFE.  Welcome to the world of NIA!!!


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